Prenatal Care for Mother and Baby in Hammonton and Mount Laurel

A healthy pregnancy and baby begins with proper prenatal care.

Life is forever changed the moment a woman knows she is pregnant. Emotions can quickly flutter from happy tears to anxiousness, but Cherry Hill OB/GYN is here to help every step of the way. Our practitioners and office staff continuously guide expectant mothers throughout their entire pregnancy process. At Cherry Hill OB/GYN, we are wholehearted about providing only the best prenatal care during this very special time.

A healthy pregnancy and baby begins with proper prenatal care. This type of medical care is a nine-month plan tailored to benefit the overall health and well-being of both the mother and her growing bundle of joy.

Recognizing the early signs of pregnancy is crucial because prenatal care should start immediately upon confirmation. Ideally, our practitioners encourage most women to begin prenatal care before they become pregnant. We call the time frame prior to pregnancy preconception, and we gladly offer health evaluations for women actively trying to conceive.

Motherhood is the experience of a lifetime. There is nothing comparable. However, sometimes women cannot plan their moment of conception exactly as imagined. Contrary to perfectly planning your conception, Cherry Hill OB/GYN works hard to plan your prenatal care according to a set schedule designed to ensure your pregnancy progresses favorably.

Prenatal Office Visits Schedule

Week 1 – 28: every 4 weeks
Week 29 – 36: every 2 weeks
Week 37 – delivery: weekly or biweekly if past your due date

Testing Schedule

11 – 13 weeks: Part I of Sequential Screen for Down Syndrome and Trisomy 18 (done in coordination with the Maternal Fetal Medicine Center at Virtua Voorhees Hospital) Cell free DNA testing offered to eligible patients.
16 weeks: Part II of Sequential Screen, Quad Screen, or MSAFP (Maternal Serum Alpha-fetoprotein)

20 weeks: Anatomy ultrasound

28 weeks: Gestational diabetes, CBC (complete blood count)

36 weeks: Group B Strep

Prenatal Care Appointments

The very first time you meet with our providers we confirm your pregnancy. Your initial visit is brief. For your second prenatal care appointment, expect to spend a decent amount of time. The second visit typically takes the longest because our doctors thoroughly get to know your medical history and conduct a full physical examination – This includes a gynecological exam.

Our board certified doctors and medical staff measure your height, weight, breathing, blood pressure and pulse. For the gynecological portion of the exam, expect a breast check-up, Pap test, and testing for sexually transmitted infections. We also offer blood, skin, or urine tests to screen for various diseases.

Cherry Hill OB/GYN has an excellent team of obstetricians, gynecologists, midwives, and nurse practitioners who specialize in caring for women who may experience risks in their pregnancies should we discover any reasons for concern. Depending on the type of risk, we offer various prenatal testing. These tests help us create a specialized care plan and course of treatment.

Follow-up appointments increase in frequency as your baby grows. Our providers check the size of your uterus, listen to the fetal heartbeat and discuss your care plan. You receive a status update regarding your baby’s health and development every time you visit. Routine visits also include checking your weight, blood pressure, and urine. During these visits, we want to make sure you and your baby are healthy, comfortable, and strong.

Learn more about our obstetrical care. 

Lifestyle Changes during Pregnancy

The moment a woman confirms her pregnancy prenatal vitamins become an absolute must. You have to form a daily regimen, which reminds yourself to take these vitamins every day. Taking prenatal vitamins is the single most important action a woman can take towards preventing serious birth defects.

During prenatal care visits at Cherry Hill OB/GYN, our doctors take the time to educate expectant women on the benefits of healthy foods, diets, exercise as well as the risks of drugs or certain medications. We discuss all necessary lifestyle changes women can make to support the healthiest pregnancy possible. Prenatal care visits are always the best time to share questions, concerns, or important information with your doctor. This is your time and our doctors are equipped with the knowledge and compassion to help you lookout for yourself during your pregnancy experience.

To schedule quality prenatal care for you and your baby, please contact us today at our Hammonton or Mount Laurel, NJ offices.