Planning for Pregnancy

Preconception Counseling in Mount Laurel

After confirming your pregnancy, life can feel exciting as you wait for your new arrival. The life of your unborn should also be off to a healthy beginning. Many first-time mothers are generally predisposed to the importance of proper prenatal care. However, most do not fully understand the advantages in preconception counseling. Boost the potential of your baby by taking preconception care seriously.

Preconception care is one of the most important steps in preparing for a healthy pregnancy. If you are thinking about having a baby, it is never too early to start getting your body and mind in better shape.

At Cherry Hill OB/GYN, our board certified physicians strongly encourage preconception counseling before pregnancy.

Discuss Your Health with a Professional

Speak with one of our specialists before becoming or attempting to become pregnant. The doctors at Cherry Hill OB/GYN are always excited to share in your special moment. We begin preconception counseling by getting to know you and your family history. Try to collect as much information regarding your personal and family medical history because the details help us determine if your situation requires specialized attention. For example, we might run a blood test to trace any genetic disorders known to run in your family so you can understand your chances for passing on this gene. It is equally important to learn about personal medical conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, or high blood pressure. A pregnancy is healthy when the mother and child are both healthy.

Prevent Infection 

Preconception care involves screening for infections because certain conditions threaten the health of the expectant mother and child. In fact, contracting a virus like rubella can cause miscarriage or serious birth defects. A benefit of preconception counseling is the opportunity to get vaccines to prevent infection. Women should get their vaccines three months prior to conception so that they are sure they are healthy enough to carry a baby to term.

Prepare Your Body and Mind

Switch to healthy habits early because, if you have bad habits to break, major lifestyle changes will take some getting used to. Work on eating better foods, drinking more water, and exercising regularly before becoming pregnant. Being overweight or underweight both pose potential complications during pregnancy. Women want an easy to manage pregnancy so they can enjoy their experience. When the mother is healthy prior to pregnancy, her experience is more likely to run smoothly.

During preconception counseling, our board certified physicians assess your current health status and provide personalized feedback. We offer guidance on topics like proper diet, vitamins, exercise, and treating or managing preexisting health concerns. If you smoke, drink, or abuse harmful substances you are putting you and your unborn child at risk. Our doctors will encourage you to quit because babies born to mothers who abuse drugs are more likely to develop birth defects or die of sudden infant death syndrome. We gladly provide substance abuse or mental health referrals as needed.

Preconception care is a critical window of opportunity that will affect the health of your whole family.

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